At the press of a button dedicated carers are making life at home possible for hundreds of people.


And those who are using the services provided by family-run Artemis Domicilliary Care, are full of praise for the caring and compassionate way they help them live independent lives in their own homes.

“Right from the start they were superb,” said 78-year-old Evelyn Macrae. “I heard about them from a relative. They first started coming to help with my husband, who has alzheimer’s disease, when he was discharged from hospital.

If my husband fell the carers were straight there to pick him up. Now I have the response service after I had been in hospital for two months. When they are here I have their complete attention and quality care. It is a personal affair. I get one-to-one care and the great thing is I have complete trust in everything they do.” Artemis’s business continues to grow because an ever increasing amount of people trust them to deliver a response and care service that fulfills their needs.

They take care to listen to your needs and to give you as much choice as possible when designing your care service.

Their round-the-clock response service is making a huge difference to hundreds of people across Carlisle district who praise it’s flexible service. Artemis staff supply and fit alarms and sensors in the home which are directly linked to operators who respond to any emergency day or night.

Alarms go through to a dedicated team of call handlers who are based at the firm’s James Street control centre in Carlisle.

One of the most rewarding aspects of providing the response service is enabling couples to remain living together in homes they have shared for years.

It may be the case that one partner needs help caring for their loved one, or both partners are in a position where the prospect of residential care seems to be a likelihood.

Alan and Kathleen Morland are Artemis customers whose happy experiences have shown that with live-in care, nobody has to leave their family home or their partner behind.

“I have much pleasure in recommending Artemis. They gained our respect and affection. “We’ve had excellent service from management and staff for the last nine months.”

Teams of qualified care staff are also on hand to deal with any personal care emergencies when clients call for help.

Artemis services are flexible, from emergency response calls to full care packages, to help tailor care to every individual service user.

Stacey Kelton, Assistant Manager of Artemis, heads up the response service.
“It is peace of mind for families who live away who want to know their loved ones have someone close by,” said Stacey.

“It helps the disabled, frail, or elderly or others, maintain their independence as well, she added.”

“Our service users are always thanking us for what we do for them. Every need is different, but we are with them every step of the way.”

It is the personal touch that Joe Beattie praises. The 77-year-old relies on the care service for his wife, Celia, 75, who has Parkinson’s disease.

“They help her shower and get dressed. They help with medication and toilet duties. They even come out at night if needed. They are lovely and caring. My mobility is not good, but in the year they have been coming, it has given me a life. I can pop out and shop and not have to worry so much about Celia being on her own. At a press of a button the carers will be straight out”, said Joe.


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